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Raw Out Loud is focused on providing high-quality products, that don't only taste amazing, they look amazing, are amazing for our bodies, guilt free & value for money.

Our goal is to provide simple products that are;

PRACTICAL: late to work? grab a ROL ball out of the fridge or freezer, they're easy to eat, delicious to taste and if you are a messy eater.. no worries! they come in a cute little cup cake holder!

AFFORDABLE: Some raw products you pay $7.. sometimes even $10 for.. not ours though!!! I understand the price of these from some companies and I respect that, some businesses put SO much thought, love and effort into their products and they look FANTASTIC.. don't get me wrong though, I put SOO much love into all of our products, but they aren't decorated for a pretty Facebook photo or layered with 5 different colours.. we are about being practical, eating quickly and enjoying a healthy treat in our busy lives we live. 

HEALTHY: The word "RAW" doesn't necessarily mean HEALTHY, so don't let this word fool you!! Check out the ingredients in everything you buy before you eat it. If you check our items we have sometimes up to 16 ingredients in one simple item, this is to not only create an amazing flavour but to provide your body with so many wholesome, healthy and nourishing ingredients. 

All of our products are Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free. We do not add any sugars, stevias, artificial sweeteners or preservatives into our products and try to use a majority of all organic, Australian owned ingredients. Although our concept is RAW, we cannot guarantee that all of our products are 100% unaffected by heating - we try our hardest to ensure that they are high quality whole ingredients. 

Why Raw? When we cook food, little do we know that cooking at a high heat can destroy a large amount of nutrients in our food. Heat changes the cellular structure of food which makes it less recognisable to our bodies, taking out the natural enzymes which are important for our bodies to break the food down.

Eating Raw allows you to simply get more out of what you're eating. 

Thanks for having a look @ Raw Out loud's website, please contact us for any questions or if you require any information.

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Watch this space for bigger and better things.

 Raw Out Loud xx.

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